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Warning Flags - Orange 
Orange Flags - Solid and Mesh Vinyl

18" and 24" mesh and solid vinyl flags, blaze orange color, are available with or without 3/4" round wood staffs. Mesh flags have cloth binding. Specifications and part numbers below.

Model Flag Size Flag Material Wood Staff Length
1024-18 18" Solid Vinyl 24"
1030-18 18" Solid Vinyl 30"
1036-24 24" Solid Vinyl 36"
1010-18 18" Solid Vinyl No Staff
1010-18W 18" Solid Vinyl Tailgate flag - wire loop
1024-18M 18" Mesh Vinyl 24"
1030-18M 18" Mesh Vinyl 30"
1036-18M 18" Mesh Vinyl 36"
1036-24M 24" Mesh Vinyl 36"
1010-18M 18" Mesh Vinyl No Staff
1010-18MW 18" Mesh Vinyl Tailgate flag - wire loop

Warning Flags - Red 
Red Flags - Vinyl

18" and 24" square nylon reinforced vinyl flags come with a 3/4" diameter wood staff. Some models have a rigid stay sewn in which helps keep the flag fully open at all times. All flags comply with MUTCD emergency flagging requirements for red warning flags (6E.03 - Hand Signalizing Devices).

Model Flag Size Flag Material Wood Staff Length
2024-18 18" Solid Vinyl 24"
2024-18S 18" Solid Vinyl 30"
2036-24 24" Solid Vinyl 36"
2036-24S 24" Solid Vinyl 36"

Stop Flag 
1030P-18S Stop Flag

Model number 1030P-18S is an 18" x18" nylon flag with "STOP" printed on both sides. Featuring 1-1/2" lime/silver reflective stripes and 3/4"x 30" long pvc staff.

Grounds Flag 
1016GDS Grounds Flag

Model number 1016-GDS is a 16" sq. blaze orange nylon reinforced vinyl flag with 1-1/2" wide lime reflective stripes. "GROUNDS" is screen printed in 3-1/2" black letters. A wire loop stiffener at the top and a weighted bottom combine to keep the flag properly displayed. This flag is for use around transformers, switch-gears, substations, etc., to inform personnel where protective grounds are located.

Dicke APFS Airport Flag 
AF1 Airport Flag

Model number AF1 is a 36" X 36" orange and white sewn nylon airport flag w/stitched pocket for mounting to a pole (max. diameter of 3/4"). Meets FAA AC 150-5210-5C & AC150-5200-18C standards.

Dicke 2010-1819-SBR Reflective Flag 
Red Reflective Flags

Model number 2030-18SBR is an 18" X 18" red Superbright™ flag with a 30" wood staff, 2036-24SBR is 24" x 24" with a 36" wood staff and meets MUTCD flagging procedure standards.

Dicke 1036-24RS Flag 
1036-24RS Orange Vinyl Flag w/Reflective Stripe

Model 1036-24RS is a 24" X 24" orange vinyl flag with a 2" wide silver reflective bottom stripe and 36" staff.