Ring Up Customers Satisfaction with the Swiftness and Security of a CIMCO Network

The retail environment revolves around the integrity of transactions, the accuracy of inventory and the responsiveness of customer service, all of which are dependent upon the transmission of communication in a manner that’s quick without compromising security. A retailer’s bottom line can be correlated directly with its level of customer care.

CIMCO takes customer satisfaction seriously, as our 98% customer retention rate clearly demonstrates. We can help your retail operations achieve similar success through industry-specific telecom solutions.

First we’ll take stock of your operations, and then design an original plan that might include one or more of the following: VoIP, High Speed Internet Access, Managed Servers, Managed Firewalls, and Digital Voice Solutions. CIMCO excels at custom tailoring a mix of products and services that uniquely suit your needs. At CIMCO, we think you deserve the same level of customized, personal service your own customers expect from you.

The CIMCO team includes specialists who stay abreast of PCI Data Security Standards and other similar industry programs, performing regular monitoring and maintenance to insure your compliance protection.

Whether you’re seeking to decrease time at the cash register in-store, or increase the volume of business online, your CIMCO solution is dedicated to positively impacting your sales revenue through faster, uninterruptible network solutions. Quicker phone service, faster internet connectivity and swifter, safer transactions can all add up to happier customers who will keep coming back.

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