Stabilize The Health Of Your Company's
Critical Data With CIMCO'S Preventive Network Care

Every health care organization suffers the relentless pressure of HIPAA compliance, information mobility, and Internet security. You don't need CIMCO to tell you how difficult it is to keep up with the unique challenges faced by health care internet operations. However, you do need CIMCO if you're looking for a single source solution to address the secure delivery of integrated voice and data communications in an industry-specific way.

Whether you're in health insurance, patient billing, or hands-on care, you undoubtedly rely on the transmission of PHI (Protected Health Information) on a daily, if not minute-by-minute basis. The integrity and availability of this information is at the crux of effective operations, not just for the health of the patient, but for the protection of your own company against federal regulations. PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems) has emerged as another challenge which needs special attention.

The demand for immediacy creates conflicting goals for healthcare Internet users. There is pressure to secure patient data while at the same time having it available instantaneously. That job has become more critical now that the healthcare industry has gone high tech. Electronic medical records are moving to center stage. Over 44% of hospitals now operate on a wireless platform. Information moves from pc-handheld devices, to doctor's offices miles away …from special purpose rooms such as MRI's or X-ray, to a patient's room…then over to billing, then on to the insurance company. Data is being transferred between wired and wireless. You're under pressure to transport information rapidly and seamlessly, all while protecting it from unauthorized usage.

That's where CIMCO steps up to the plate, offering the most reliable, robust offerings in voice and data communications. First, we'll diagnose the well-being of your operations. Then we'll follow it up with a personalized prescription for better business operations. Different combinations of the following might be included: High Speed Internet Access, Voice over IP, Managed Hosting or Colocation, Network Monitoring, Spam Filtering, Business Continuity Planning, Digital Voice Solutions, and more. We're flexible, so you can be too.

Did you know that CIMCO proactively monitors all customer circuits 24x7x365? Unlike other providers who wait for you to notice a problem, we diagnose and try to fix it overnight. If you require on-site help, we'll dispatch technical support to your site while your sleeping so there is a technician ready and waiting in the morning to get you up and running.