CIMCO Offers Head-Of-The-Class Services for Network Availability and Performance

Education has gone high tech, and communications providers must meet the demands of this sector in a highly tailored way. A majority of schools transmit data over the Internet, mandating airtight security and availability. The personal information of students and educators is at stake, making privacy of the utmost concern.

In these tenuous times of terrorism and school crime, administrators are faced with the daunting dual task of keeping information secure, yet maintaining the availability and accessibility of communications at all times. Not all potential problems are manmade. Storms, fires and other natural disasters also threaten the safety and operations of the educational environment.

Should a threat arise, it is imperative that students and parents can be reached at a second's notice. However, contact information must remain immune to compromise, and network operations must remain ongoing.

Compounding the challenges are compliance regulations and demands of archival. Student and educator information should be properly stored for future concerns that might include transcript requests and legal background checks. This is quite a task considering that every institution welcomes a new class of students each fall, all of who must enter the database. Additionally, the inherent fluctuation of both student and faculty populations must be accounted for and recorded for posterity. Thus, scalability is a cornerstone to an effective educational networking plan.

In a operational capacity, communications must be able to enhance the learning environment as the traditional classroom takes on a virtual twist. Today many classrooms are linked globally with other classrooms to help enhance learning. There are also online classes for college and post-graduate learning that present unique challenges, along with special rewards.

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