SecureBizSM Protection Solutions for Internet Security

Protect against email stranger danger and spam scams with extra-strength Internet Security...

  • Does your Internet security protect you from prying eyes looking in and questionable content going out?
  • Does your spam filtering get the job done without slowing down operations?
  • Will your email filtering always be able to stay one step ahead of mass virus replication?

If you answered no to even one of the above, your Internet Security is in an extremely precarious state that can be rectified by saying yes to spam filtering and email filtering from CIMCO's SecureBiz Protection Solutions. CIMCO's SecureBiz provides the ultimate in Internet Security with multi- layered content filtering against unwanted and unsolicited email scamming. SecureBiz's spam filtering and email filtering slam your company's virtual door on worms, trojans, email viruses, unsolicited commercial mailings and other potentially harmful intruders.

Both email filtering and spam filtering protect your company's outgoing Internet communications as well. Your reputation receives an extra measure of Internet Security and virus protection from SecureBiz, which prohibits the mailing of unethical or inappropriate material from any of your employees.

SecureBiz Protection Solutions require no hardware or software investment. Instead, your Internet communications are rapidly routed to dedicated CIMCO impermeable servers, where the actual filtering and funneling of all information takes place.

Your SecureBiz Solution starts with an Internet Security assessment of your network vulnerability, detecting security breaches that threaten operations now and in the future. Content filtering solutions are then customized to target the problem areas. Ongoing statistical analysis intelligence ensures that Internet Security protection remains ongoing to thwart the ever-changing nature of viruses and facetious cyber crime. Finally and most importantly, SecureBiz's email filtering and spam filtering stand guard over your Internet Security 24x7x365, just like your CIMCO team.

Remote Vulnerability Assessment

Step one is an objective network vulnerability assessment that provides an outsider's view inside your Internet Security status. Plan to be shocked when you see your network as hackers can, and note how easily intruders can hop on email for a ride inside. You'll be glad to know that security breaches and risk areas will be pinpointed with precision. You have the flexibility to schedule scans around the clock at your convenience to minimize the slight possibility of business interruption. Consider this a diagnostic tool complete with Internet Security health reports and prescriptions for a better condition.

Spam and Content Filtering & Virus Protection

Proactively stop system failures by saying "Keep Out" to unwanted spam and viruses. SecureBiz Spam and Content Filtering allows you to quarantine questionable email for further examination, precluding clog-inducing attachments and downloads. And CIMCO's Virus Protection Solutions take Internet Security safeguards to a higher, stronger degree by thwarting malicious codes faster than the industry norm. Viruses are identified, stopped and obliterated before any damage can be done.

An Evolving Defense That Works 24x7

Security threats are constantly morphing, which is why SecureBiz is constantly evolving as well. Multiple feeds are received hourly for anti-virus signatures, as are updates from leading spam-identifying houses. CIMCO's 10 defense layers support up to 25,000 active email users and up to 25 million email messages daily. SecureBiz's email filtering and spam filtering are working for you every moment of the day. Let CIMCO take care of the threats so you can just take care of business.

Reclaim Your Network with 10 Email Defense Layers

  • Denial of Service & Security Protection
  • IP Block List
  • Rate Control
  • Virus Definitions Check I
  • Virus Definitions Check II
  • User Specified Rules
  • Spam Fingerprint Check
  • Spam Intention Analysis
  • Spam Bayesian Analysis
  • Spam Rule-based Scoring