CIMCO RapidRelaySM Data Services

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  • Do you know how a MPLS/IP VPN network can economize your data dollars?
  • Are your productivity goals being enhanced by your data network connectivity?
  • Does your data network have enough bandwidth flexibility to handle future fluctuations?
  • Are your different business locations linked by the most secure data connectivity possible – whether it's via MPLS/IP VPN, Frame Relay or Point to Point?
  • Are you sure your data connectivity is set at the right speed limit for your business?

If you said no to any of the above, you have a grand opportunity to optimize your business communications. Say yes to RapidRelay and you'll be saying yes to the newest in MPLS/IP VPN, private networking and other data connectivity options. You'll also be saying yes to a data network solution that is uniquely your own, with the security and speed you need.

CIMCO engineers will integrate the appropriate data services that fit both your enterprise and your budget in a customized way. Whatever route you take on CIMCO's information highway, your journey promises minimized lag time with high-speed data connectivity through a wide area network. Faster file transfers, safer routing paths, and balanced bandwidth loads are just some of the benefits you'll experience. Whether you're looking to enhance voice traffic or boost data flow, there's a RapidRelay solution that's just your speed.


    Whether you call it MPLS or IP VPN this data service is ideal for businesses that seek to integrate voice, data and video traffic into an existing platform. Connectivity and bandwidth are enhanced, while business processes are streamlined through a virtual private network. This option is well suited for enterprises that seek traffic isolation and differentiation without major overhead investment. Click here to see how a MPLS application works.
  • Point-to-Point

    This offering securely connects one location directly to another with an array of available speeds for local and long distance applications. Point to point is perfectly suited for the company with the need for a secure connectivity from one location to another without using the Internet or a shared network.
  • Frame Relay

    This is data transmission at its most cost-effective, with encapsulated digital communications capable of being sent quickly to many end users over a wide area network. Bandwidth is allocated at variable data transmission speeds within a frame-by-frame format, getting the job in the most economical manner available.