IP Trunking

Tomorrow's Converged Technology with the Equipment You Have Today

IP Talk Trunking allows you to reap the cost-savings and advanced performance of Voice over IP (VoIP), while utilizing your existing phone equipment. VoIP converges technology to provide a unique, integrated access solution that dynamically allocates your voice and data services.

The flexibility of IP Talk Trunking lets you phase in VoIP as you see fit, whether enterprise-wide or site-by-site. And if you’re thinking about IP Talk Hosted or another solution down the road, the transitional technology of Trunking positions you to make hassle-free changes or additions.

How it Works

IP Talk Trunking can support your existing devices whether analog or digital. Rather than a physical connection, an IP Trunk is a logical conduit that links your existing equipment, such as a PBX, with CIMCO’s own state-of-the art IP platform, allowing back-and-forth traffic exchange between the two.

The diagram below shows an IP Trunking configuration.

CIMCO utilizes the industry-leading Broadsoft platform to provide you with an end-to-end solution. Quality of Service on your dynamically allocated bandwidth ensures freedom from network congestion, latency and jitter. Your employees will perceive no difference in how they make or receive calls, with all changes accomplished virtually in a seamless transition.

Over 15% of CIMCO network and technical staff are certified engineers. These technical experts monitor your solution to the T1 level and work 24x7x365 to preempt any possible disruptions as well as resolve issues immediately.

Convenient, Cost-Saving Features

  • Voice and data converged into one circuit
  • Dynamically allocated bandwidth according to your business needs
  • Works with your existing phone equipment
  • Unified multiple business sites with simplicity
  • Serves as foundation for future VoIP applications
  • Single point of contact for voice, data, billing, repair, maintenance and support
  • Simplified dialing among multiple offices
  • Unlimited local and site-to-site calling
  • Industry-leading proprietary platform built with Broadsoft server
  • State-of-the-art Cisco infrastructure
  • Dedicated IP connection
  • Flat rate, monthly pricing

Choose the Option That's Right for your Business

Analog Trunking
Broadband connection and a minimum 6 phone lines over a T1 to provide IP service on existing equipment.

  • Unlimited local (in the LATA) and intra-company calls
  • Separate long distance charges
  • Voicemail
  • Basic features (i.e. Call Forwarding, Caller ID)

PRI Trunking
Uses existing equipment and a PRI with 23 channels on a T1 to provide converged voice and data.

  • Unlimited local (in the LATA) and intra-company calls
  • Separate long distance charges

Benefits of IP Talk

Unified Messaging

Have your voicemails sent to your email inbox

Abbreviated Dialing Across Offices

Reach employees on IP Talk with ease no matter where they are located with no cost inter-office calling.