Hosted VoIP

Converging Next-Gen Technology with No Infrastructure Investment Required

IP Talk Hosted is a network-based VoIP solution that relieves the considerable cost and management of PBX equipment, with performance enabled by CIMCO's IP platform.

CIMCO's best-in-class infrastructure is powered by the Broadsoft feature server, an industry-leading carrier-grade platform that gives CIMCO the enhanced ability to manage your experience end-to-end.

The diagram below shows how a Hosted VoIP network is configured.

All CIMCO solutions are monitored by highly trained professionals 24x7x365 at the company’s advanced network monitoring center. CIMCO takes that vigilance one step further by monitoring all circuits to the T1 level. No need for service calls, no requirement for additional in-house IT personnel, and no delayed downtime.

Plus, any hardware or software upgrades are deployed by CIMCO, keeping your integrated solution up-to-date and maintenance-free.

Quality of Service onon your dynamically allocated bandwidth ensures freedom from network congestion, latency and jitter. Your employees will perceive no difference in how they make or receive calls, with all changes accomplished virtually in a seamless transition.

Unique Advantages

  • Network-based solution for voice, Internet and video
  • Voice and data converged into one circuit for privacy and cost-efficiency
  • Built-in disaster recovery to protect your information and operations
  • Hassle-free moves, adds and changes with easy-to-use tools
  • Reduced investment in IT infrastructure and personnel
  • Dynamically allocated bandwidth according to your business needs
  • Unified multiple business sites with security and simplicity
  • Single point of contact for voice, data, billing, repair, maintenance and support

Scalability and Flexibility

While your PBX investment and maintenance requirements decrease, your voice business applications reach a higher level of flexibility and scalability through a robust feature set.

  • Predictable, cost-effective monthly expenses
  • Unlimited local and site-to-site calling
  • Four-digit calling between locations
  • Distinct licensing options based on business needs
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure built with equipment from industry leaders like Broadsoft, Cisco, Lucent and Acme Packet
  • Robust web portals for easy, simplified user and administration management

IP Phones and Licensing Packages

CIMCO's IP Talk Hosted solution provides the ultimate in features and functionality. With a variety of IP phones to choose from and distinct licensing packages, we offer the critical functionality that business users need for daily operations.

Benefits of IP Talk

Click to Dial

Dial directly from Microsoft Outlook ™ or other TAPI compliant application and conference together two or more parties

Find Me/Follow Me

Set up a profile of where you will be at different times throughout the day; the system will automatically call you where and when you want.