Storage at CIMCO Data Centers

Protect yourself against data loss and meet federal compliance regulations with a dedicated storage solution at CIMCO's state-of-the-art Data Centers.

When you store your primary and/or secondary data at a CIMCO Data Center, it's like locking your secrets away in a sealed-tight vault that can only be accessed by you - at anytime you want. Your information is highly encrypted when it takes its hi-fi journey to one of these centers, and it stays safe and secure in an environment that sets the bar on virtual and physical protection and redundancy.

Your CIMCO Storage Solution is housed on a dedicated Storage Area Network, (SAN). No sharing means no chance of security breaches. Choose whether you'd like your SAN to reside in your company's cabinet at CIMCO's Data Center, or at the Data Center's own, secure completely managed SAN chamber. Either way, CIMCO will fully manage your storage solution to ensure impenetrable, scalable retention and security.

Your operations are unburdened when you offload all your backup files and programs offsite, allowing your network to run with increased efficiency. No matter how large or small your gig requirements, CIMCO will configure a data dispersement plan that meets your business needs. You'll be freeing up your system, and freeing up your personnel, too. No more wasted manpower hours devoted to file backup or data searches.

When you're online, your CIMCO storage solution is hard at work, storing and securing your data. So before you even log off, all information has already been automatically, instantly saved offsite for you at one of CIMCO's Data Centers.