Data Center Applications

Wide Area Network

Every company deals with different types of pains. Here are some common data center applications that help IT organizations diminish their problems and create business continuity at the same time. CIMCO can help you create a customized plan that meets your business, IT, and operational needs. Here's just one of many examples.

Your network is the link that keeps your business connected. It's critical to your customer and partner communications, business transactions and processes, and overall operational efficiency. In fact, 24x7 network connections are essential to organizational productivity and longevity. Therefore, you need to ensure a continuous data communication link while addressing:

  • Redundancy, including network fail-over capabilities
  • Diversity, providing fundamental dissimilarity between redundant networking features and technology
  • Recoverability, including assurances that communication is capable of being resumed

Think about it...questions to ask yourself:

  • How critical is it that your employees have access to main systems and applications?
  • What are the main systems and applications in order of priority?
  • How dependent are they upon network communications?
  • How much will it cost your business to not have guaranteed connectivity?
  • Will your chosen networking technology have redundancy configured? If not, how can you achieve it?
  • Who are the members of your supply chain and what are their connectivity requirements? What are their contingency plans?

CIMCO can help design a solution that answers these questions and more. To request a meeting about an application for your business click here. Click on any of the other data center applications to see how they may apply to your business.