CIMCO Conferencing Solutions

Your global conferencing solutions are only a touch away...

  • Are you trimming your travel costs by conducting real time meetings in either web conferencing or audio conferencing formats?
  • Do you find it hassle-free to set up your audio conferencing and web conferencing solutions?
  • Is your audio conference characterized by crystal clear connectivity and a variety of operated-assisted options, when your business requires?
  • Is it plain and simple for you to integrate data, voice and video content into real-time web conferencing?

If you answered no to one or more of the above questions, it's time to say yes to CIMCO's Conferencing Solutions. Whether your needs are as simple as audio conferencing with crystal clear connections, or as involved as web conferencing in a virtual meeting room, you'll find the answers you're looking for with CIMCO.

Audio conferencing brings people together from disparate geographical locations through traditional phone and now VoIP delivery. Web conferencing goes one step further, when real time meetings require visuals to get the job done. Both options, audio conferencing and web conferencing, put you in control. Take control of your travel budget, take control of your time, and take control of your real time meetings.

Many operator-assisted options are conveniently available when you need them. You can use an experienced CIMCO meeting facilitator for a human touch, personalize your script and greetings, pick from standard formats, or just go with the flow. CIMCO offers many conferencing solutions from which to pick and choose, one that is just right for you.

Find your application and you'll find a conferencing solution that fits your business requirements

Application Conferencing Solution
Audio-only conferencing 24x7 Reservationless
High profile calls, Q&A, investor relations, all-staff calls Event Services
All-in-one audio and web conferencing on the reservationless audio platform Web Conferencing


Instant audio conference calling access with no required reservation 24x7x365. Just dial a few predetermined numbers, and you're there.

Event Services

A professional live operator assists with audio conference calling by making all the call connections, introducing the attendees, moderating and troubleshooting any problems.

Web Conferencing

Turn wherever you are into a virtual conference room by integrating data, voice and video content within a standard web browser for real-time meetings. CIMCO's interactive web conferencing solution has many unique features to improve your meeting experience including:

  • Animations: Flash & PowerPoint
  • Annotations: application share/web tour
  • Application sharing/viewing
  • Audience view/seating chart
  • Multiple presenters
  • Exportable Reporting
  • Report polling results
  • Streaming live video
  • Audio and video clip support
  • Upload presentations on the fly
  • Whiteboard