CIMCO'S Business Continuity

Redundancy and Routing Solutions

Contingency planning ensures your business communications are continuous...

  • Does your Business Continuity Planning automatically evolve with your enterprise's growth?
  • Do you regularly undergo infrastructure evaluations such as a Network Vulnerability Assessment or Business Impact Analysis as part of your network's preventive medicine?
  • Will your company's operations remain unaffected if a line goes down or a piece of vital equipment breaks? Can you prove it?
  • Do your service providers have a track record of 99.999% uptime to ensure your business continuity?
  • Does your Contingency Planning include built-in redundancy and automatic re-routing in the event of service interruption?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you must already benefit from CIMCO'S Business Continuity planning resources. If not, there's help to be found in the industry's leading redundancy and routing solutions, which include CIMCO's customized contingency planning services which include network and business assessments as well as redundancy and routing solutions.

At the core of CIMCO's effective contingency planning are a four different assessment services which help you detect telltale signs of network vulnerability and slow infrastructure performance. Assessments help you find ways to reduce costs, improve infrastructure and utilization and enhance your business operations. These assessments include:

With CIMCO's Assessments helping you run your business effectively, there is another part of Business Continuity Planning that shouldn't be forgotten…proactively safeguarding your resource against the costly occurrence of technology interruptions. Your operations remain ongoing, and your data stays safe and secure when you opt for one or more of the following products.


CIMCO's proprietary backup circuit service prevents Internet interruptions that can be disastrous to your revenues and aggravating to customers and employees alike. If your operations face the threat of discontinuity, traffic is automatically rerouted in a swift, seamless manner via CIMCO's fully redundant networks, thereby precluding any service gaps or interruption. When it comes to your business operations, netAssureSM proves that being redundant is a good thing

SafePathSM Alternate Routing

Comprehensive Business Continuity Planning must cover your voice services as well as your network operations, with properly weighted consideration given to both. SafePathSM is CIMCO's redundant solution designed with the voice user in mind. Should equipment break or an interruption occur, you'll never even know it as all calls will be automatically re-routed. While most service providers only offer alternate routing via Billing Telephone Number (BTN), CIMCO offers alternate routing by Direct Inward Dial (DID). Of course you'll receive automatic notification should an outage occur, but it promises to be "business as usual" as far as you're concerned.

Business Continuity Planning Packages

CIMCO knows that one size doesn't always fit all. Your business is unique, and so your Business Continuity solutions and contingency planning should be as well. CIMCO engineers will partner with you to determine what precautionary solutions - including redundancies, network monitoring and routing options - will best ensure your business communications always stay up and running.

We will be happy to custom design a Business Continuity solution for your enterprise, or you can choose from one of the two options below.

Basic Voice Package – Save 22%

  • Back-up circuit configured to your requirements
  • SafePathSM Routing Services
  • WiseEyeSM On-net Outage Notification

This package goes well with CIMCO netSelectSM integrated, CIMCO PRI and CIMCO Business Line services.

Enhanced Voice Package – Save 22%

  • PRI Circuit
  • SafePathSM Routing Services
  • WiseEyeSM On-net Outage Notification
  • Back-up circuit configured to your requirements

This package is the perfect solution to provide continuity for a PRI.

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