CIMCO Billing Services & Cost Management Solutions

Online Billing Tools and network reports team together to efficiently manage solutions...

  • Do your network management tools let you assess network usage with ease, so you can proactively curtail unauthorized expenses?
  • Are your online billing tools custom-created so you can organize and analyze as you see fit?
  • Are you satisfied with the amount of personnel hours and resources devoted to billing management tools?

If you said no to any of the above, you're missing out on the bottom line benefits of CIMCO's Billing Services. Online Billing Tools put you in control with customization and simplification of both set-up and operations. Add to that CIMCO's Network Management Tools, which oversee usage and network health, and you'll be able to always maintain a clear financial picture of your communications' expenditures.

Command Central : Your Billing Headquarters

Don't think of Command Central as a website, or a mere customer portal. Think of it as the nerve center for your communications operations; a place where cost summaries meets network reporting in a user-friendly atmosphere. A place where online billing tools eradicate monthly piles of paperwork, transforming cost management into one consolidated billing solution that's accessible and manageable 24x7x365.

You can review who is spending what, and where. You can monitor expenses or detect improper use of company resources. In addition, you can organize your cost and usage information in a highly customizable way. Consolidated billing choices allow you to view expenses by day of the week, time of the day, line usage - whatever works best for your accounting structure or information needs.

CIMCO's Cost Center Management tool helps you further organize your billing information by utilizing cost centers that align with your organization. You can track and allocate expenses across departments, business units and geographical locations. CIMPatrol allows you to manage telephone usage by setting rules to flag troublesome activity. You receive email alerts automatically when unusual call activity is occurring, so you can address it before the invoice arrives.

Command Central: Your Network Management Headquarters

When utilizing CIMCO's Command Central, you'll never be unpleasantly surprised by a statement's bottom line. In fact, the only surprise you will enjoy is how easy it is to stay in operational and financial control. With CIMCO's Network Management Tools, you'll have the ability to oversee your network activity around the clock. Network usage, unusual traffic patterns, network optimization reports, these tools provide an insightful look at the statues, performance, stability and health of your infrastructure. With network management tools you'll have the hands-on capability to quickly troubleshoot problems in real-time when sudden changes occur, rather than long after new usage patterns have created operational issues.

  • Consolidated billing organized the way you need the information.
  • Simplified easy-to-use reports with telling graphics of network health and traffic history
  • Customizable billing tool options
  • Cost control and fraud avoidance facilitated by expense and usage tools