Schofield Media Ltd. and CIMCO Partner Up for Better Service and

Customer Profile:

Schofield Media is a Chicago-based publishing company which currently manages and publishes eight business-to-business magazines. Its flagship publication, US Business Review, was launched in 2000 and met with instant success. Seven additional magazines quickly followed suit, making Schofield a major player in business-to-business publishing in the United States.

Schofield's publications each occupy a unique niche, but all share the objective to bring industry news and expert information to their target audience. By producing quality content that reaches defined targets, Schofield has created a win-win situation for both readers and advertisers alike.

The Situation:

In this web-based world, Schofield's rapid growth on the printed pages represents quite a feat. Yet as is often the case, the company's swift expansion was marked by growing pains. Specifically, a budget analysis pinpointed Schofield's hodge-podge of telecommunications as an area of inefficiency and cost concern. Since the company's inception over six years ago, its growing telecom requirements such as additional local and long distance have been tacked on as needed by different providers. As a result, Schofield was operating under the helm of several major companies and lacked cohesiveness in billing and service.

Monthly statements were especially trying for Schofield, which had to face the varying billing systems and cycles of different providers. A staff member dedicated more than two days each month to organize and decipher the many invoices received in an attempt to better understand how, when and where Schofield's telecommunication dollars were being spent. Not only did the company lose countless hours of this employee's productivity each month, it discovered it was losing out in other ways as well. It became clear to Schofield Media that they were spending too much money for services rendered and losing too much time on what should have been a straightforward monthly expense transaction.

Adding to the company's feeling of discontent was a series of service issues that went unresolved by the different providers. Unfortunately, it seemed that dealing with more than one company had translated into having more people to talk to, more time being placed on hold, more bills to look at…in short, more red tape overall.

The Solution:

With both its frustration and telecom spending at an all-time high, Schofield Media searched for a provider who could guarantee cost-saving solutions with a high degree of personal service. When it heard about CIMCO Communications, 98% customer retention rate, Schofield knew it had finally found a company that was treating its customers' right.

CIMCO's first step was to conduct a thorough system analysis that included the review of the many disparate invoices and service inefficiencies. CIMCO found it could cut costs immediately, and towards that end, installed two long distance T1's and three local T1's for Schofield's local and long distance voice requirements.

CIMCO's online billing system has allowed Schofield Media to quickly review its monthly service invoice quickly and easily. Now, Schofield receives just one consolidated bill each month, and expenses can be broken down as the company desires, such as by line, business unit, or geographical location, to name a few options. The streamlined billing has not only eliminated the paper shuffle, it has also allowed Schofield to keep closer tabs on expenditures.

Finally, and most importantly, Schofield enjoys 24x7x365 access to its CIMCO team.

Serviced by a dedicated Account Manager, Schofield knows that quick response is just a phone call away. The relationship between CIMCO's manager and Schofield is personal and on-going, as the service provider looks to meet Schofield's needs of today while anticipating those of tomorrow.

The Results:

CIMCO's installation and operations of Schofield's new local and long distance T1's have reduced monthly voice expenses exponentially. Specifically, Schofield has cut costs on international calls by more than half. Additionally, for its local T1's, Schofield Media is now realizing a savings of more than 26 percent. The best news is that these cost savings have been used to improve other areas of communications such as increasing bandwidth.

Finally, as Schofield Media, Ltd. continues its dynamic expansion, it does so without any growing pains thanks to CIMCO's continual needs assessment, future strategizing, and scalable solutions. With CIMCO, Schofield Media has acquired not just a telecommunications provider, but a genuine business partner as well.

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"Thank you all for the continued follow-up and great help. It gave us the ability to work around the problem with out an incident. Thank you again and keep up the good work."

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