First Transit Transports Communications to CIMCO for More
Efficient Solution

Customer Profile:

First Transit, Incorporated is part of a national leader in the field of transportation, providing management, operation and consulting services to more than 120 transit authorities. The company lends its expertise to both public and private sector, with clients including DOTs, state agencies, federal agencies, municipal organizations and private companies.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, First Transit has grown steadily since its inception over fifty years ago. Back then, the company's mission was the same as it is now: to achieve perfect balance between safety, quality and cost efficiency. Today, First Transit operates out of many locations throughout the United States, and caters to large, urban customers as well as rural and suburban areas. Its network of offices is directly responsible for facilitating nearly 100 million trips per year. First Transit clearly plays a vital supporting role in the day-to-day workings of the country, making the efficiency of its telecommunications of utmost concern.

The Situation:

Located in Lombard, Illinois, First Transit operates an inbound call center that averages 1,600 local and long distance inbound calls per day. In addition, the company receives many daily faxes confirming transportation arrangements, appointments and more. Recently, the combined volume of voice services for the company's Lombard, Illinois call center had become of particular concern, due to its rapid increase and forecast for continued growth.

At the call center, First Transit had contracts with 3 major telecommunications providers, a situation in need of a distinctive type of customer service. Each provider had a portion of First Transit's services, but First Transit was in need of one company to take ownership when a situation arose.

With that in mind, First Transit made it a priority to seek a new service provider that could handle all of its voice services, now and in the future. While the main goals were to consolidate services and reduce overall expenses, First Transit also sought to streamline its billing as well. Too much time was being wasted each month on the organization and analysis of invoices from the multitude of providers.

Finally, First Transit was looking for some old-fashioned personal services. The company had an old phone system that was not adequate for a call center. In addition, First Transit had little time to distinguish what inventory was available and what required reprogramming. A service provider with a "can-do" attitude was desperately needed to assist with these tasks, and to be readily available for all future service issues.

The Solution:

First Transit was initially drawn to CIMCO's "one-stop-shop" capabilities which answered the company's call for consolidation and simplification. But it was CIMCO's passion for personal service which sealed the deal. First Transit found in CIMCO, the attentive, custom-tailored touch which had been missing.

CIMCO came in with a dedicated team, analyzed the account, but most importantly listened to the concerns of First Transit. CIMCO needed to clearly understand First Transit's business operations before it could design an individualized solution.

Four PRI's were installed for the local and long distance, inbound and outbound communications. In addition, a dedicated fax server was available to handle the high volume of documents generated by First Transit's required fax confirmations.

As part of the process, CIMCO conducted a full system review that allowed for a clean sweep of equipment, systems and reprogramming where necessary. Since this task had not been performed previously, First Transit would now be better able to monitor their current usage and inventory, and control both in the future.

The Results:

In its first year with CIMCO, First Transit realized a startling 49% cost savings. The consolidation of services to CIMCO has paid off in other areas as well. First Transit now has gained back the lost productivity and time that was spent on working with three different vendors to accomplish the same goal. And thanks to CIMCO's online billing solutions, First Transit is better equipped to manage expenses and track expenditures.

Furthermore, First Transit receives the attention it deserves 24x7x365. Although CIMCO boasts the most state-of-the-art technologies available, it maintains the personal touch which has been synonymous with the CIMCO name for over 20 years. No matter when or where First Transit tries to contact CIMCO, a live person stands ready to answer to take the call. In addition, First Transit is serviced by a dedicated CIMCO account manager who takes a proactive approach to maintaining optimal service and efficiency.

We are looking forward to successfully continue our relationship of providing outstanding service. The growth continues, as CIMCO constantly looks for new ways to better serve First Transit in its journey ahead.

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