Customer Triumphs

Power of CIMCO shines through during power outage

Losing power in the middle of the night can be terrifying for any business, and that’s exactly what happened to a Chicago- based rehabilitation center. The power outage was detected by CIMCO’s 24X7 Network Management Center and a field technician was dispatched immediately. When the customer called the next morning to notify CIMCO of the outage, they were surprised to learn that a technician was already waiting at their door, ready to assist with the restoration of their voice and data services.

Real Estate Association doesn't feel the flip

Have you ever wanted to validate that you made the right choice? A Chicago real estate association knew they made the right choice when their defective smart jack (from a competitive carrier) caused their PRI lines to go down. When this happened their services switched instantly to CIMCO’s Data Center PRI’s. This switch was so seamless that it almost went undetected and had to be pointed out to the Association’s Board of Directors. Even though board members were cautiously optimistic about switching to CIMCO, they now have the highest level of trust due to their secure redundant solution.

Cold weather & water main bring customer to the brink, but not down

On one of several uninterrupted sub-zero temperature days in metropolitan Chicago, a CIMCO customer had a water main break. This customer has a complex solution consisting of Internet, PRI's, point-to-points and CIMCO Business Lines (CBL), which is CIMCO's digital POTS alternative product that can also supply an Internet overlay. The water flooded everything but the CBL solution. CIMCO was able to keep this customer up and running, by turning on the Internet overlay, and provided a hunt group for the calls. It took the area incumbent carrier 3 days to dry the cable with blowers. Had this customer not been with CIMCO, they would have lost 3 days of business!

Bank saves money with cost-efficient routing

A large bank with multiple locations had customers complaining about being charged for long distance calls when they contacted their local bank. CIMCO engineered a complex least-cost routing solution to provide cost-efficiencies on several levels. In addition, CIMCO provided SafePath Alternate Routing services, which automatically re-routes calls in the event of service disruption. While most service providers only offer alternate routing via Billing Telephone Number (BTN), CIMCO offers alternate routing by Direct Inward Dial (DID).

Realtor doesn't bring down the house with redundant Internet

A local realty association was worried about not having Internet redundancy with their T1 service. Because of CIMCO's extensive network, we diversified the paths of the T1's, so in the event a T1 was interrupted, the customer would not lose service on its other T1's, maintaining its uptime status.

24 Hours without CIMCO is 24 Hours too long

When a hospitality company recently decided to leave CIMCO for a cheaper alternative, the nightmare started almost immediately. The first day, the customer was calling to ask what it would take to come back to CIMCO. CIMCO wasted no time, and had the customer back on our network within 24 hours.

Quote Id: 8

"I had recently opened a ticket with CIMCO to look at various line busy and hunt group issues. Support called me back shortly after opening the ticket and worked on the problem, calling me several more times. I feel this was handled very professionally and met my expectations. This is a very important part of why I have my business with CIMCO."

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