National Management Journal Seeks Expertise of CIMCO Communication's CMO, Mary Rodino, on Maximizing Your Technology Investments

Oakbrook Terrace, IL, February 2, 2008 - CIMCO Communications, Inc., a Chicago area based technology solutions provider, announced today that Chief Marketing Officer, Mary Rodino, recently supplied her expertise and knowledge on maximizing technology investments to the February issue of Smart Business. As Chief Marketing Officer of CIMCO Communications, Chicago’s Ms. Rodino brings an insider’s perspective on utilizing current and new technologies to their full potential to ensure a return.

“When new technology is deployed, often the soft side is overlooked. This may be due to issues such as: insufficient training, employee hesitancy to embrace change, barriers in place to prevent workarounds, or the lack of processes” states Rodino in the article.

Ms. Rodino identifies the common bottlenecks that prevent the full use of a technology and cost efficient ways to avoid them. Followed with an example of one company’s success, she demonstrates how utilizing your provider for training can be one of the most cost effective methods in evading bottlenecks.

Ms. Rodino’s advice can be found in “Insights”, a monthly column that features advice from leaders in the industry on technology solutions. She can be reached at

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