Bill Dvorak, CIMCO Communications CFO, Lends Knowledge on Using Executive Dashboard to National Management Journal

Oakbrook Terrace, IL, June 1, 2008 - CIMCO Communications, Inc., announced today that Chief Financial Officer, Bill Dvorak, was elected by Smart Business to provide knowledge and insight on the functions and benefits of an Executive Dashboard to their June issue. As Chief Financial Officer of CIMCO Communications, Chicago’s largest privately owned voice and data provider to businesses, Mr. Dvorak explains how using an Executive Dashboard can keep a business steady and profitable.

“It’s important not only to track history to see where the trends have been, but more importantly, a dashboard should help you predict and /or positively alter the future,” states Mr. Dvorak.

Mr. Dvorak provides not only the type of metrics to capture in an Executive Dashboard, but he also states how to analyze that data for the better benefit of the business.

“The reports themselves should be intuitive. You want it to be as easy for the readers to glean out the information that is pertinent to them. The trends should be clear so that variations jump off the page,” says Mr. Dvorak.

Mr. Dvorak’s advice can be found in “Insights”, a monthly column that features advice from leaders in the industry on technology solutions. He can be reached at

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