CIMCO Communications Strengthens Its Partnership with Medinah Country Club

Oakbrook Terrace, IL., September 29, 2006 - CIMCO Communications, a leading provider of data and voice solutions to businesses that have mission critical communications needs has built a strong multi-year partnership with the highly acclaimed Medinah Country Club, host of the 88th Annual PGA Championship in 2006 and other PGA tournaments.

Medinah Country Club, with its strong history and highly-regarded reputation, makes it the highest priority to maintain its stature and accreditation in the golf community. In doing so, it recognized the need to evaluate its data and communications services, as well as its providers, to ensure they were employing the most appropriate technology for its facility. While quality of service was essential, financial gain was also a goal when Medinah Country Club chose to switch its services and selected to partner with CIMCO Communications.

"We are proud of our growing three-year partnership with Medinah. We understand Medinah's needs and have a true commitment to improving their organization's communication solutions," said Frank Ruffolo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for CIMCO. "We continue to provide Medinah with the highest level of service and deliver the right solutions for their environment." .

Having earned its business in 2003 by assuming its Centrex services, CIMCO Communications continues to build its relationship with Medinah Country Club by providing timely solutions that have increasingly saved the country club a significant amount of money.

"We are pleased to have earned the trust of Medinah Country Club to allow CIMCO the opportunity to deliver the necessary services over the past few years," said Bill Capraro, president and CEO of CIMCO. "It takes the commitment of each partner to make decisions that lead to positive results. We are fortunate to have created a partnership with Medinah Country Club that equally remains committed to this goal." CIMCO Communications also offers a suite of products and services to other golf and country clubs in the Chicagoland area.

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