CIMCO Communications Adds MPLS for IP VPN to its RapidRelaySM Data Services

Oakbrook Terrace, IL, May 17, 2006 - CIMCO Communications, a leading provider of data and voice solutions to businesses that have mission critical communications needs, today announced the availability of its RapidRelaySM Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Solution for IP VPN, a private networking option for customers connecting multiple locations. In addition to CIMCO's current national and international MPLS offerings, this new technology will serve the metropolitan Chicago area and provide the upgrades the medium to large enterprise market want in order to speed up network connectivity and bandwidth. The solution also enhances traffic flow for voice, data and video services with a private network.

CIMCO's MPLS Solution for IP VPN gives customers a cost-effective secure wide area network with the flexibility and customization capabilities that create a unique solution to meet the exact specifications of each customer. In addition, this solution offers Quality of Service (QoS) elements that play a significant role in performance and reliability of the network and the amount of traffic flow it will encounter given the set parameters of the customer.

"With our consultative approach we identify the specific business requirements of our customers and then configure a solution to meet those needs," said Bill Capraro, president and CEO of CIMCO. "Having MPLS technology available to our entire customer base allows us to migrate those customers who may be using frame relay or point-to-point technology to a more sophisticated fully-meshed network in which their data remains completely secure and untouched, bandwidth utilization is maximized based on needs and traffic flow is prioritized according to customer requirements."

CIMCO's MPLS solution provides the latest technology to enhance network connectivity with the cost savings that customers are looking for by providing any-to-any connectivity. The solution also integrates voice and data on the same circuit and supports one single connection to CIMCO's network, thus increasing the speed of the prioritized traffic. In addition, CIMCO offers WiseEyeSM Monitoring services, which provides robust monitoring of customer's MPLS network.

"Our MPLS solution is the next logical and most advanced solution now available within our family of RapidRelaySM data services," said Capraro. "The technologies that make MPLS so unique combined with CIMCO's level of commitment to its customers create the perfect environment in which each player wins."

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