CIMCO Remote Vulnerability Assessment Minimizes Security Breaches and Business Risk on Computer Networks

Oakbrook Terrace, IL., February 1, 2005 - CIMCO Communications, Inc., an integrated communications provider, announced today the availability of SecureBizSM Remote Vulnerability Assessment, a service to help companies understand the security exposure of their computer networks.

CIMCO's Vulnerability Assessment gives corporations the data they need to minimize the chance for security breaches, especially when organizations are making changes to their networks or launching new systems. It provides organizations with the expertise they need to enhance their security positions, improve operational efficiencies, and reduce the costs associated with implementing effective security programs - all at a fraction of the cost of conducting these activities in-house.

CIMCO probes all Internet facing hardware and services much like a hacker would. The result are prioritized by severity and are presented to the customer with remediation recommendations.

"We glean more information than any hacker could ever hope to," said Bill Capraro, President and CEO of CIMCO. "This ensures that our analysis is meticulous and sweeping, and that we identify all the weaknesses on a corporate network, even ones that appear insignificant today. Organizations have to be sure that their systems are secure, or they could suffer tremendous losses."

The Vulnerability Assessment details recommendations for immediate action and areas where changes can improve overall security. It includes all Internet-accessible data services; and operating system and software vulnerabilities for the public Internet Protocol (IP) space. The report grades the security priorities of the organization, with explanations that help managers stay informed while deciding the next course of action.

"CIMCO recognizes that computers are mission critical business tools, and by using them, companies assume business risks," Capraro said. "Knowledge of those risks is key. By delivering both management and technical reports, CIMCO arms companies with the information to both understand their security postures and remedy any issues. Vulnerability assessments are an essential component in an effective information security program."

CIMCO can conduct assessments 24x7, giving companies the flexibility to schedule scans at their convenience, which reduces interruptions to business-critical activities.

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