Telecom Firm Expands Security Network to New Data Center

Published April 10, 2006

Oakbrook Terrace, IL. CIMCO Communications added a second data center in the Chicago area, a location replete with the telecom firm's multi-faceted security measures found throughout its network of facilities.

Following more than six months of planning and construction, the data center became operational in late March and boasts security measures such as biometrics, video surveilance, alarm monitoring and audio surveillance, all elements of best practices developed internally by CIMCO, said Margi Shaw, senior vice president of the company.

Since security enhancements found at the new data center include facility hardening measures, such as reinforced doors, and auditing visitor and employee access control information both on the way in and on the way out.

This audited information, as well as the physical and logical security data from CIMCO's network of 20 locations, is monitored centrally at the firm's network management center.

While compliance standards such as HIPAA and SOX have in part driven CIMCO's level of security, "we have strategized and built what we think is a thorough security strategy, and the (unique) piece that we have added into ours is audio," said Dave Braner, chief information officer.

Data from audio monitoring only adds to the level of information, Braner said. For example, in one instance, the company was able to determine that moving blinds from wind coming through an open window at a sales office was the reason for several motion sensor alarms.

The company, which specializes in offering networking services to medium and large healthcare and financial service businesses, has about 150 employees.