CIMCO's New Data Center

Published March 20, 2006

CIMCO Communications, Inc, announced the opening of a 10,000 square foot Data Center located on the west side of Chicago.

The CIMCO Data Center consists of state-of-the-art infrastructure to assure the physical safeguarding of customers' equipment. Virtual security is also achieved through connection to CIMCO's network and its monitoring center, as well as custom-tailored managed services.

Today's businesses face many threats to their continuity, from natural disasters and fires, to power failure, vandalism and terrorism, CIMCO's Data Center allays its customers' fears by providing an off-site alternative location for their networks, built to the industry's highest specifications. In addition, all equipment CIMCO network with its accompanying integrity and uninterruptibility.

"Companies are bombarded by security threats and burdened by compliance issues." said Bill Capraro, president and CEO of CIMCO."We listened to our customers' concerns and responded with this Data Center that not only keeps their information sate, it keeps it going 24/7. The Data Center has, quite literally, taken the worry out of their hands."

The facility features an elite fire suppression system, continuous power supply with generator back-up, and multi-layered security including biometric handscan and video surveillance.

Yet Capraro is quick to point out that the Data Center is more than just a secure storage facility that is powered 24/7. "The real poser of the Data Center lies in the people who stand behind it. The CIMCO team ensures that each and every customer receives the personal attention they deserve to ensure their objectives are met in an individualized, cost-efficient manner," said Capraro. He added emphatically, "This is not your typical 'one-solution-fits-all' data center."

The new facilty is CIMCO's second data center in the CHicago area and is supported by CIMCO's many data, security and managed services product offerings, which provide customers the streamlined efficiency of single vendor solutions.

About CIMCO Communications
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