World Class Surveillance and Network Management Center

CIMCO's certified senior technicians and engineers man the Surveillance and Network Management Center 24-hours a day, every day monitoring the health, status, and administration of the network infrastructure. In this state-of-the-art facility some of the most forward-thinking technologies and systems are deployed to provide proactive maintenance and notification for our customers. To ensure optimal performance, CIMCO incorporates network management and monitoring, technology transformation and hosted application services for multi-vendor, multi-technology communications. It is staffed by a multi-faceted team with expertise in varied disciplines; a team united in its mission to offer world class customer support while still managing and mitigating the risks of running a premier network.


  • Multi-faceted support structure focuses on immediacy and quality
    • Call center technicians respond within 15 seconds to your inquiry
    • Staffed 24x7x365, monitoring network elements straight through to your site
    • Decorated senior technicians and engineers manage CIMCO's backbone
  • 24x7 CIMCO technical support is only a phone call away


  • CIMCO network surveillance allows for proactive rather than a reactive approach during any network outage in order to avoid long-term outages to your business
  • Seasoned, vendor certified technicians provide trouble resolution in both physical and logical layers
  • Surveillance experts identify service interruptions and quickly remedy problems before you even knew any existed
  • No-wait service from CIMCO technicians who personally guide you from first call to end satisfaction