The 3 R's: Premier Network Infrastructure that's Reliable, Robust & Redundant

CIMCO's superior network is based upon a strategically select build-out of proprietary switching and colocation facilities within hardened telecom environments. Reliability is assured through the support of multiple SONET facility providers, enabling diverse network routing options between CIMCO's switching facilities and customers. This translates into increased availability and higher network efficiency. Furthermore, every aspect of CIMCO's infrastructure has been engineered to the highest possible industry specifications, down to the last detail. In particular, CIMCO's N+1 hardware configuration sets the bar for optimal performance and redundancy.

At CIMCO, we take our customers' need for uptime seriously. So seriously, in fact, that we have gone a step ahead of any other provider by proactively providing on-net customers with facility diversity on multiple T-1 orders at no added expense to the customer.

This, coupled with restorable ring technology and each customer's distinctive diversity plan, allows for maximum survivability for voice and data services. It is all part of our superior network restoration design which we at CIMCO deem critical in providing best quality for customers.


  • The Epitome of Redundancy
    • Fully Redundant Fiber Optic Network
    • Multiple facility entrances
    • Redundant connections for voice and data
    • Multiple carrier relationships for added redundancy
  • Industry-leading network and switching technology
  • Dual homed POP's each with multiple power grids
  • Dual, full Class 5 switching facilities
  • Network monitoring and alarming with proactive customer notifications on both physical T1 and IP network layer issues
  • All product applications are available throughout CIMCO's embedded network footprint


  • Multiple Sonet technology networks enable ultimate uptime through self-healing backbone
  • Latest technology provides advanced applications and newest features for utmost in innovation and reliability
  • Enables failover and service continuity
  • Provides peace of mind through diversification into multiple central offices; your incumbent local phone company can't do that
  • You can "future-proof" the service application; future technologies may be added or transitioned into existing deployed network