CIMCO Communications' Customers Take First Place

CIMCO provides customer support and education to a higher degree than any other provider in the industry. It's not about competition. It's about communication, connection, and consideration towards you the customer. It's about ongoing attentiveness through multi-layered customer services based on your continuous input and ever-evolving needs. It's about growing your confidence in CIMCO's working relationship, while growing your business opportunities as well. It's about mutual respect, honesty and integrity. Isn't it about time?


You'll be able to reach a live CIMCO representative day or night, every day of the year. That's 24x7x365. Phone tree systems are inefficient and impersonal – everything CIMCO is not. That's why we have representatives working around the clock to field your calls whenever a need arises.


For technical concerns, CIMCO-certified engineers work endlessly, managing and monitoring our proprietary networks. The average industry tenure of our customer care team players is 15 years. Aside from their highly skilled expertise, they are renowned for the ability to translate technical jargon into a language and solutions that make sense.


You can expect to receive periodic calls from top management, and multiple follow-up calls to every ticket. You'll be invited to Customer Education Seminars and industry events that will keep you abreast of what's new at CIMCO and around the industry. CIMCO's commitment to your satisfaction works on every level possible to keep both our relationship and your technology going strong.

At CIMCO there is a special feeling of accomplishment that comes from knowing your company beats the big names in both service and product. CIMCO takes business personally, and it shows in the way we treat our employees, too. When you speak with a CIMCO representative, you know you're speaking to a knowledgeable industry insider with a proven level of commitment.

Customer Advisory Board

Meetings are held on a regular basis between CIMCO's leaders and its Customer Advisory Board, which is a cross-section of CIMCO clients with varying technology application requirements. These meetings are forums for open dialogue that extend beyond CIMCO's customer satisfaction to address the new challenges and future direction of the voice and data world. The Customer Advisory Board is a think tank for innovative solutions to improve integrated communications and customer care. If you would like to become a participant, please email your interest to

Customer Satisfaction Program

CIMCO's satisfaction depends upon yours. Towards that end, we conduct an unparalleled number of awareness surveys to gauge our performance and your satisfaction. We survey our customers at different stages of their lifecycle to make sure that they are content at every stage of their business growth. Our surveys include:

  • Sales & Service Delivery
  • Network Management Center
  • Account Support & Product Satisfaction

If you would like to provide feedback on CIMCO services, please click here to send an email to

CIMCO's Never-ending Customer Care

  • Customer Advisory Board
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Customer Education Seminars
  • Annual Reviews
  • Welcome Packages
  • CIMCO Celebrations
  • Customer Referral Program
  • Frequent calls from top management
  • 24x7x365 live customer care
  • Customer luncheon series
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"You did an excellent job with our recent repair issue. Your techs were very helpful and put me at ease with our temporary solution until we were able to fix the problem permanently. It was certainly a relief when I later tested the changes only to find out that my rep was ahead of me and test it by leaving me a voice mail message. Keep up the good work CIMCO Team!!!!!!"

Lorna G. Hospitality Industry